rock-and-flowerAbout | Suryo

Join me as we journey into “deep listening” of your miraculous body-mind. Whatever your symptoms or your blocks, they can be explored and rebalanced.

I am highly intuitive and trained in medical scanning of your body’s systems, learned in China from my Qi Gong master. I “sense” into your body and see blocked energies, tears, traumas, hairline fractures and old memories blocking your energy system.

Most clients find this highly interesting and validating of their experience. Many clients remember past events, long forgotten that help gives them clarity.

Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression or neurological issues, as I did, or pain and trauma, you will find yourself becoming healthier and more whole as your symptoms gently decrease and disappear.

BodyTalk, ACCESS, Energy Psychology, NLP  along with my deep intuition will help you regain your health and well-being.

Being well and comfortable in your body, with yourself,  is worth everything! Join me!

My trainings include: 

M.A. Clinical Psychology
Licensed Massage Therapist; Deep tissue, Shiatsu
Certified BodyTalk Instructor
Certified  Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP)
Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
Practitioner of Paradox Management
PaRama College
Meditation and Fourth Way School

What others say about sessions with Suryo:

From physical to mental to emotional issues and general wellness tune-ups, Suryo has been my primary care practitioner for over 10 years.  She is a gifted, educated, compassionate professional who has my complete trust.  I have also taken her “ACCESS” class and use the techniques for my own first aid needs. I believe this is what healthcare can and should look like and where I hope we go as a nation.” Shirley Blase Gage, United Way, Development.

Suryo is an unbelievable instructor, facilitator, and practitioner. You would be most fortunate to have the experience of receiving work from her. She can help you transform virtually anything!” Lauren Brim, LA.

I feel Wonderful after your sessions! I am in radiant health“! CM, Sammamish, WA

BodyTalk Miracle Worker“! Lotara James

“Suryo is a wonderful practitioner who really knows what she is doing, and it is evident in results.” Vondette Brinson LMT

Suryo has worked with executives and employees from the following companies:

Boeing • Microsoft • National Football League; NFL • Pacific Northwest Ballet • Pike Place Market • US Bank • T Mobile • AT&T • Facticity Trainings • Hacienda Hotel • East Yoga Maui • United Way of King County • Healing4 Life Together • BodyTalk, South Africa • BodyTalk, Playa del Carmen • Hammer Nutrition • Harvard University • Antioch University • University of Washington • Health Focus Palm Beach • BodyTalk throughout US, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand

Suryo Gardner is a highly respected International Trainer and Practitioner. Click Here to Contact Suryo for a session. Sessions are in-person or by phone (206) 251-0621 or ZOOM ~ WorldWide!