Suryo Linda Gardner - BodyTalk Seattle

ACCESS gives you the power to start your day with a clear head!  Then get simple tools to breathe more deeply,stop panic, relax deeply, hydrate, and regain better balance and posture.  ACCESS is like your own personal “medicine cabinet” without taking any pills!  The tools are in your awareness and hands.

How did we live without this tool? Thousands around the world use ACCESS everyday to clear their minds, take themselves out of the blahs and “repair” any of the above!

Don’t get weakened! Get ACCESS. Empower yourself!

Below you see many people learning the first tapping technique!


Issue: ADD by Derrick

“I have struggled with trying to focus and relax for years and years. I am now doing Access everyday and I am amazed at my focus and ability to stay relaxed with BodyTalk Access”

Issue:  Afraid to Fly by Nancy.

“Doctors found that I have calcium built up in my ears. I am also just very afraid to fly. I’ve done BodyTalk to myself and my friend also did Access on me before the flight. I was fine! I had no fear and my ears had no pressure pain!”


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