BodyTalk in Malibu! In BodyTalk training, while learning philosophy, technique and concepts. a student also has many healing experiences to augment their training!  We say we don’t “do” BodyTalk, but that we “live bodyTalk”. It is a healthier way of thinking, being and knowing. This is also the Foundational course in becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Open to Everyone!

Join us! You can begin BodyTalk by taking the fun, easy BodyTalk ACCESS class in Seattle, January 28.  This is all about SELF CARE and SELF EMPOWERMENT! Pre-register here:

For Malibu Fundamentals Pre- Register here: 

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3 Responses to BodyTalk Fun in Malibu, March 10-12 & 18-19.

  1. Hi Ann,
    Do you want to join in LA in August? Suryo

  2. Hi Sarah, Do you want to attend Fundamentals in Seattle? Next is in September? Suryo

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