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Join the growing number of international practitioners that use BodyTalk System as their number one healing system.

BodyTalk gives you the skill to access into the “body consciousness” and neutralize traumatic memories, repair connections so that anatomical systems work more efficiently and bring the client’s body/mind into overall better health.

Pain and despair are indications of deep imbalance in the body/mind system. Combining the best of Eastern Medicine, Quantum Physics, and Psychology…BodyTalk can help you move forward and create the relationships, the work and the goals of your dreams.

Most importantly BodyTalk is alternative medicine based on YOU, non-invasive and tailored to YOUR health and emotional needs specifically.

BodyTalk is about YOU! (not about a prescription made for the many)


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BodyTalk ACCESS!

BodyTalk Access is a one day opportunity for transformation in how you see your health and wellness. Experience the joy and freedom in learning an empowering new set of skills. 

These five simple techniques can be done in less than ten minutes a day for clearing stress in the body and mind.

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It’s not so much what you know but how you listen and address the WHOLE  body/mind system.


 Fundamentals is the next  step to joining the global movement of Certified BodyTalk Practitioners. BodyTalk is WHOLE HEALTH CARE that addresses all aspects of the body/mind/energetic paradigm.

Learn to address issues with your clients from anxiety, backache, stomach pains, knee injury, depression, trauma and overall well-being. BodyTalk works seamlessly with any Holistic Health Practice.

This system is open-ended and also available to the layperson who wants to begin a practice in alternative health. Join us!


Contact Instructor: Suryo Gardner: 206.251.0621

Pre-registration (payment is taken separately).



“Suryo is so real and hands on. It was so much more than learning, it was life-changing. ” Danyell Browne

“Suryo is an amazing instructor! My world has forever been changed! Sign-up asap, you won’t be disappointed.” Melissa Campos

“the Body Talk Fundamentals Class was a birthday present from my wife. I had never heard of Body Talk and was reluctant to say the least. 

For years I had struggled with sleep apnea. Nobody outside my family even knew about this because I was embarrassed about this and other weaknesses. During the very first demonstration exercise in the fundamental class, the instructor, Suryo, was led right to my SB joint and diaphragm.  I felt something change, but did not become aware of the depth of the change for a few days.  I am now sleeping through the night; no snoring, no gasping… and most of all no hellacious mask and no CPAP machine.  In addition, due to several facial injuries I could not breathe well through my nose… now I can!

I call this a miracle!  Rick Dempsey

Thank you Suryo for an amazing 4 days of BodyTalk Fundamentals.  I came there without any backgrounds, everything was so new for me, but you and all amazing people, that I met there inspired me so much! This course change me and my perception of life and people. I call it “life before BodyTalk and after” . ” Natalya Kvaktushina

Suryo Gardner is a highly respected International Trainer and Practitioner. Click Here to Contact Suryo for a session. Sessions are in-person or by phone (206) 251-0621 or ZOOM ~ WorldWide!