Energy Psychology | Recover From Trauma

At BodyTalk Seattle Suryo has integrated her skills in Energy Psychology into the comprehensive BodyTalk System; bringing your healing to a whole new level

Tap into the ability of your body to RELEASE trauma, fear, and anxiety. It’s easier than you think!

Energy Psychology utilizes emotional tapping techniques such as EFT, TAT, Tapas, Callahan technique, Reiki, and more. Suryo combines BOTH BodyTalk and Energy Psychology into one session when needed.

Energy Psychology is perfect for people who have struggled with emotional issues and can’t seem to get to the root of their problems. Come and try it. Your anxiety and fear can drop immediately. Often used for PTSD, Trauma and deep Anxieties.

“Suryo is an amazing therapist. She is present, intuitive, compassionate and rooted in deep authenticity. Within minutes into our first session, she was able to help me move through old barriers that have been holding me back for some time. I highly recommend Suryo. The work she shares with this world is priceless.” Wendy Obstler LA

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Suryo Gardner is a highly respected International Trainer and Practitioner. Click Here to Contact Suryo for a session. Sessions are in-person or by phone (206) 251-0621 or ZOOM ~ WorldWide!