Testimonials for BodyTalk Seattle

“I have lived with back and neck pain every single day for years! Then I walked out of my first session with no back or neck pain. It was amazing. I haven’t taken any anti-inflammatories or Vicodin for two weeks. Amazing”.   Kirsten Flack, Seattle

BodyTalk and Kids!

BodyTalk in kids — 6 years in kids — 6 years Click this link for a sweet video of young BodyTalk boy. He really is adorable!

Jamie Click on the link to see what BodyTalk Fundamentals can do for you!

“Suryo changed my life! She is an amazing practitioner and teacher!” Laura Mitchell

Laura Brim

“Suryo is an unbelievable instructor, facilitator, and practitioner.  You would be most fortunate to have the experience of receiving work from her.  She can help you transform virtually anything!

Lauren Brim, L.A.

Lauren Brim

I met Suryo a couple of years ago through a mutual friend that recommended I sign up for BodyTalk Class.  Suryo’s extensive training, knowledge, and expertise in her fields of expertise so impressed me that I became a client. And my world improved since the first visit and class.  If you are looking to find balance and healing from inside out, you will be in expert hands with Suryo and the way you see the world will change“.  Catherine Bell Mgr. Accounting -Boeing. Seattle